Top of The World Community

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Emergency Services

Police Services.
Dial 911 for emergencies.  Police services are provided by the Blount County Sheriff and in some areas, the National Park Service Rangers.

  • Crime Prevention Hotline (865) 273-5200
  • Non-Emergency Dispatch (865) 983-3620
  • Blount County Most Wanted List.  Click here.
  • Webcams.  Do you have a webcam?  You might be able to register it here for others to benefit from as well.
  • Crime Reports may also be view on-line.  Click here.
Blount County's Finest on Horseback Patrol

Fire Services.
Dial 911 for emergencies.  Fire services are provided by the Blount County Fire Department.  We are fortunate to have our own fire station located on Flats Road near Lake in The Sky.  The next nearest fire station is approximately 12 miles away in Walland, Tennessee until our new local fire station becomes operational.

Ambulance Service.
Dial 911 for emergencies.  Ambulance service is provided primarily by Rural-Metro Ambulance Service.

911 Address Registration.
As our community is rural, “street addresses” may not be well-associated with GPS coordinates.  Therefore, we strong encourage all Top of The World residents and property owners to contact the Blount County 911 Office (non-emergency) to make sure their Top of The World address is properly recorded in the 911 System. Doing so, may say your life or the life of a loved one.

The non-emergency number for Blount County 911 is (865) 983-3620.  Tell them that you want to confirm that your address is in their system correctly. They will ask for your Map and Parcel number. If you do not know that information, just contact the Blount County Property Assessors office at (865) 273-5900 and they can help you determine your property’s Map and Parcel number.