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TOWLA Pavilion & Beach Area

The TOWLA Pavilion and Beach Area at the Lake in The Sky are owned and managed by the Top of The World Landowners Association. As such those areas are not open to the general public.  Proof of current TOWLA membership is a requirement to use/access the pavilion or use/access the beach area.  Persons unknown to TOWLA will be asked to provide proof of TOWLA membership or asked to leave if unable to do so.  Failure to comply will result in enforcement by the Blount County Sheriff’s Department.

Vehicles, trailers, etc., may not be parked at those areas except by TOWLA members for authorized use and activities.  Any vehicles found may be photographed, VIN number recorded and reported to law enforcement.  Vehicles, trailers, loads of construction materials or other cargo, may not be left at those areas without the consent of TOWLA.  Contact names and phone numbers are listed below.

TOWLA members needing to reserve the Pavilion (or have other related business) should contact Mark Bernard (Vice President) at 865-684-8469, or alternatively, Walt Dunsmore (Property Chair) at 865-806-3707.